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Actor John Stamos was reportedly minding his own business on board a flight from Chicago to Los Angeles when he was attacked by an out of control woman.

Stamos, a regular on the television show “ER” had been in Chicago to do some film work for the program and was returning to LA when the incident occurred. Sleeping in his first class seat, the actor was shaken awake by the unidentified woman. When he left his seat to use the lavatory facilites, she took his seat and refused to give it back.

The hysterical woman continued to scream and make a scene until Stamos was relocated to another seat.

Airline officials at Los Angeles International airport called in FBI agents who were waiting on the ground when the plane landed at LAX. Agents took statements from those involved but Stamos opted not to press charges.

Reportedly, the woman’s children had also been in Chicago filming for the same “ER” episode.

We’ve included additional photos of John Stamos for your viewing pleasure. Click on the thumbnails to get a better view.