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For all of you Joan Collins lovers out there, the Dynasty actress was recently interviewed for “Piers Morgan’s Life Stories” on British TV, and she didn’t hold much back about her personal life.

Collins admitted that she has lived her life extremely “anti-drug”, after being involved in a bad experience some 26 years ago. She said, “Once somebody forced me to take coke and it was just horrible. I would never take drugs, I never believe in abusing myself like that, never.”

That somebody was a friend of her “addict” third husband, Ron Kass.

Collins comes across as a women who gets what she wants, or is it just the roles she plays? Joan and actor Warren Beatty were an item way back when — in fact she became pregnant at the age of 23, reportedly during their time together.

Joan and Warren decided against keeping the child and the star opted to have an abortion. She explained, “We went to a place in New Jersey and did it. But like everything else in life, I said, ‘OK, that’s it, close the book, next period of my life.'”

During her interview, Piers Morgan pointed out that 76-year-old Collins has not aged a bit and she recanted with, “I’d rather grow old gracefully, while fighting all the way. I have always, always, always used make-up and kept my face out of the sun since I was 20.”

Check out then and now photos of Joan below…she really hasn’t changed much. We’ve also included the Piers Morgan interview video: