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Jimmy Kimmel put together an amusing film clip to poke fun at a new dating reality show being shopped by Kate Gosselin.

The spoof, titled ‘Escape From Gosselin Island,’ begins with Kimmel setting the stage, “Kate Gosselin of the former TLC reality show ‘Kate Plus 8’ will be in a dating show and she is the date. It’s like the Bachelorette Meets The Deadliest Catch.”

He continues, “If you have any interest in dating Kate Gosselin, she likes long walks on the beach. Not the beach you picked out because that beach sucks and you’re an idiot for choosing it, and she likes quiet evenings in the place where the fire would be if you weren’t so incompetent that you couldn’t even get the Duraflame log lit.”

Check out the video below:

Photo: WENN