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Janine Lindemulder, former porn star and ex-wife of Jesse James , used to be considered the “bad” parent, especially after she spent six months in prison for tax evasion in 2009. Janine thinks Jesse isn’t looking like the best parent, and she plans to take advantage of his recent fall from grace by fighting for custody of their 6-year-old daughter Sunny James.

Free from prison but broke, Janine is going to court to gain back 50/50 custody of Sunny. How will she be able to afford the court costs? Lindemulder filed the necessary paperwork with Orange County, CA and asked the judge to make Jesse pay $5,000 for her legal fees.

Janine thinks that Jesse will not agree to the custody change so we are guessing there will be a fight coming soon. Our question is this: how exactly does Janine plan to provide for Sunny if she can’t even afford the cost to fight for her?

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