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You won’t be seeing the Marley and Me star coming out of some trendy Botox clinic anytime soon. Actress Jennifer Aniston admits to getting the “face freezing” procedure done.

“I tried Botox once and it was really not good for me. I felt like I had a weight on my head.”

After trying it out, she says that she can pick out anyone who has had it done because everyone has the same look. The actress has decided it is best to grow old gracefully.

“I think it makes women look older. Harder. The warmth in their faces goes away. You see women and you know they’re not young, but you can’t tell how old they are. That’s what stopped me.”

We think Jennifer is absolutely beautiful just the way she is! Check out her April ELLE cover here.

WELL, that was then and this is now. Check out our gallery of before and after photos of the celebrity. What do you think? Has she changed her mind and had some work done?

Photo: WENN