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Jake Shields and Nick Diaz took shots at Jason Mayhem Miller last night in Nashville after he disrupted the post fight ceremony. As if going five rounds with Dan Henderson wasn’t enough action for Jake Shields, he also starred in a post fight brawl at the Strikeforce TV event.

Strikeforce: Nashville featured three fights Saturday night on CBS. But it was the stunt pulled by Miller in the cage immediately afterward that caused a brawl in Shields’ corner. Jake’s buddies Nick and Nate Diaz and Gilbert Melendez got into the action after Shields and Miller had a brief shoving match.

Shields defended his middleweight title by taking a unanimous decision over former Olympic wrestler Dan Henderson. Shields dominated four of the five rounds, keeping the former Greco-Roman wrestler on the canvas most of the time.

Check out the Strikeforce Nashville brawl video below: