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The Jackson family saga gets more heated and contentious with each passing day and caught in the middle are Michael Jackson‘s three children.

Early last week Janet Jackson and her brothers Jermaine and Randy signed a letter demanding the immediate resignation of the executors of Michael’s estate.

The bold move, by the siblings who were NOT named in his will, caused Paris to take to her Twitter page and question their motives and strongly deny that her grandmother had suffered a mini stroke, as claimed by Randy Jackson in the above mentioned letter.

Katherine Jackson was removed from her Calabasas home on July 15 by daughter Rebbie, who claimed she was taking her mother to a Jackson concert in Albequerque. The 82-year-old woman ended up in Arizona where she was reportedly seen by a doctor and ordered to rest.

The family matriarch was reported missing July 13 by an adult grandchild on behalf of Paris, Prince and Blanket. Paris, in particular, has been quite vocal on Twitter about the family plot to seclude her grandmother for their own purposes.

Jermaine made a statement on his Twitter page that pointedly chastised those who have tried to make trouble within the family by calling in the LAPD to investigate the suspicious disappearance.

Last night things got crazy when Jermaine, Randy and Janet showed up at Katherine’s home in an attempt to take Paris, Prince and Blanket to Arizona.

Janet Jackson ranted at Paris for her recent Twitter comments and actually tried to wrestle the phone away from the teen. Someone at the residence called police to report a physical assault and it wasn’t long before police arrived to sort it all out.

When police arrived Janet and Jermaine were standing in the driveway fighting – pics here. They were ordered to leave the premises.

Meanwhile an emergency call went out to the children’s court-appointed attorney and guardian ad litem Margaret Lodise, who traveled to Calabasas to check on their welfare.

An insider said, “It’s certainly extremely concerning to Margaret Lodise that Katherine has been out of town for over a week and that the children haven’t spoken to her in that time. There could be far reaching consequences as far as custody of the kids goes. It’s very likely that Lodise will be going to court as early as Tuesday to express her concerns to the judge, as she has a legal obligation to do so.”

Last night Paris posted another tweet:

Randy Jackson is clearly unhappy with Trent Jackson, the adult cousin who initially brought the matter to the attention of the LAPD and who has convinced Paris that her father’s siblings are conspiring to get their hands on the Michael Jackson estate.

This family debacle is far from over despite a new photo showing Katherine playing UNO with Rebbie and her family.

None of this makes any sense. Call your grandkids Katherine! Paris has a few things she thinks you might be interested in knowing…

Photo Credit: WENN