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US Olympic Soccer Team goalkeeper Hope Solo hit Twitter to rail against NBC commentator and former U.S. soccer legend Brandi Chastain.

Solo was furious with disparaging comments that Chastain directed at U.S. defender Rachel Buehler during an NBC telecast covering the American’s 3-0 win over Colombia.

Chastain tried to educate viewers on the subject of a defender’s responsibility: “Defend. Win the ball. And then keep possession. And that’s something that Rachel Buehler actually needs to, I think, improve on in this tournament.”

Solo hit twitter to challenge Brandi:

After a firestorm erupted, Hope met with her coach and the team captains Sunday to discuss the outburst in a session that lasted all of five minutes.

U.S. Coach Pia Sundhage told reporters, “We had a conversation: If you look at the women’s national team, what do you want people to see? What do you want them to hear? And that’s where we do have a choice — as players, coaches, staff, the way we respond to certain things.”

“I didn’t tell Solo to stop tweeting or to tone it down. I don’t punish people and I don’t know what’s right or wrong. Hope is different. What I see is one of the best goalkeepers in the world. She’s ready. She’s prepared. She wants to win, and she knows what she needs to do.”

Chastain tried to downplay the feud: “I’m here to do my job, which is to be an honest and objective journalist at the Olympics, nothing more than that.”

The U.S. Women’s Soccer team is currently 2-0 and will next play North Korea on Tuesday. This match will determine pairings for the quarterfinals.

Solo posted a photo of the US Women’s Soccer Team … check it out below:

Photos: WENN, Twitter-Hope Solo