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They’re back! Reality show groupies Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have signed on for yet another opportunity to make some cash, this time on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ in the UK house.

The pair have already appeared on ‘Princes of Malibu,’ ‘Laguna Beach,’ ‘The Hills,’ ‘I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!,’ and ‘Famous Food.’ Note to the Speidi haters … it keeps them off the streets.

Last night Montag and Pratt appeared at the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ 2013 Launch held at Elstree Studios in London. Heidi wore a revealing sparkly dress and Spencer was dressed and ready for combat in his camo garb.

Will their appearance for the next 23 days on the eleventh season of the popular British television show be their ticket to fame? Probably not.

Seven of the housemates will be living in luxury while Team Speidi and three other contestants will be relegated to the dirty basement where they face eviction if they fail during their challenges and secret tasks.

Must see TV? Apparently they love this stuff across the pond.

Photo: WENN