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Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt may be back together but there is still trouble in paradise for the reality TV couple.

The Hills stars say they blew $10 million on various extravagances including Montag’s disastrous music career and her numerous cosmetic surgeries, as well as a luxury home in Malibu, designer clothes, fancy cars and private jets.

Speidi claims that, not only do they owe $2 million in taxes, but they have also been forced to move out of their luxurious California home and into Spencer’s parent’s guest home.

Pratt admits they should have been more careful with their money, telling Life & Style magazine, “We were immature, worrying too much about the famous part instead of the actual business part. In hindsight, we shouldn’t have spent any of our money. We should have been low-key and saved. We spoke with a bankruptcy attorney and I’ve looked into unemployment checks.

“We thought The Hills was going to be like 90210 and we’d have another five to 10 years… Our cast was a bit boring and snoozeworthy… No wonder we got cancelled… My parents are my lifeline.”

In addition to allowing the financially frivolous couple to move in, Spencer’s parent are also helping out with groceries.

“Spencer’s parents go to the grocery store for us once a week,” Montag says, “and that’s all we get.”

But Spencer says don’t feel sorry for them, “We don’t want sympathy,” Pratt declares. “We did this to ourselves and feel like idiots. But we’ve grown up and are definitely not as naive anymore.”

Photo credit: Chris Connor/WENN