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Despite filing for divorce and the threat of sex tapes being released, it seems that Heidi Montag still has a soft spot in her heart for soon-to-be ex-husband Spencer Pratt. Over the weekend the couple was spotted together in Costa Rica, suggesting that maybe things aren’t exactly as they have led us to believe.

Spencer told our friends over at TMZ that he was in Costa Rica to return dogs to Heidi but that she wanted absolutely nothing to do with him. Unfortunately a video surfaced on the internet showing that the couple actually were together and when they realized they were being filmed they scattered in opposite directions.

So, are we being had? Is this all for show? Spencer claims he has demanded that Heidi destroy the divorce papers and do a reality TV show with him or he will release the sex tapes.

What do you think … real or Reality TV?

Check out the incriminating video below:

Photo: PicApp