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A Los Angeles judge ruled Friday that Halle Berry cannot move her four-year-old daughter to France. The ruling was a victory for Canadian model Gabriel Aubry, the child’s father.

Four-year-old Nahla has been at the center of a custody battle between the ex-lovers since they split in 2010.

Berry and Aubry have been in court on a number of occasions to sort out issues surrounding her film schedule. The court determined last year that the actress must compensate her ex-boyfriend, who travels internationally with mother and daughter and cares for Nahla while Halle is filming.

The Emmy award-winning actress is engaged to French actor Olivier Martinez. She has sought a court ruling that would allow her daughter to live with the couple in France in order to escape the paparazzi.

Baring a court reversal or a change of heart by Aubry, the request has been officially denied.

Photos: WENN