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Oh man is he hot! Gerard Butler checked into the Betty Ford rehab facility in February and is now speaking out about why he sought help.

In the November issue of Men’s Journal, the ‘Chasing Maverick’s’ star gets candid, “I think, on a basic level, I have a pretty addictive personality, both good and bad.”

Due to an injury that the actor suffered while working on the film ‘Shattered’ in 2007, he started taking painkillers. This went on for three years and actually escalated when he was filming ‘Coriolanus’ in 2010.

“It was like somebody sticking a spear in there. It would get bad, and I’d take something. But I would always stop. I started taking more. And I started taking them very quickly.”

Butler said he didn’t feel like it ever reached the point of a full-blown addiction but because of his addictive personality it caused concern.

“I was actually taking a minimal amount when I went in. It was more about becoming a mental warrior and not letting pain bother you. His rehab facilitator would say, ‘I don’t want to hear about your f-cking MRIs or your f-cking X-rays. Let’s go do kung fu, let’s meditate, and let’s learn how to say to the pain, F-ck you.'”

His stay at Betty Ford lasted three weeks, “They really do rip you apart. But it’s like spring cleaning, you know? You get rid of a bunch of sh-t, realize a bunch more sh-t, and you make a plan.”

The media widely reported allegations of drinking and illicit drugs which Gerard claims simply isn’t the case, “That really pissed me off. I haven’t had a drink in 15 years.”

Despite the negative perceptions that spew forth when a celebrity does a stint in rehab, the actor is grateful for the help he received.

Bravo to you Gerard!

Photo Credit: Apega-WENN