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Disturbing to some, art to others. Controversial French Vogue editor in-chief Carine Roitfeld is saying goodbye to the magazine but is leaving a lasting impression for readers. In the December-January edition, Roitfeld uses toddlers to show the latest industry fashions.

The young models wearing haute couture are six-years-old. Too young? Make-up, sex appeal, provocative settings and poses? Not unlike the controversial Toddlers in Tiaras reality show, this too is causing quite a stir.

We’ll hold judgement on this photo spread but we are interested in what you think. Are these lovely little girls being exposed to glam too soon and for all the wrong reasons?

This brings to mind the 1978 movie Pretty Baby starring Brooke Shields. The 12-year-old actress, who was managed by her mother, portrayed a child prostitute and posed nude throughout the movie. Newer versions have been edited to remove shots of Shields lower body.

View the photos below: