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Danni Starr interviewed Willow Smith this morning on 96.3 NOW

Willow Smith called in to my radio show on 96.3 NOW today and I literally fell in love. She’s adorable. The ten-year-old interviewed like a pro.

I was the first to tell her that celebrities like Jimmy Fallon, Bruce Springsteen and Snooki have done their own renditions of Whip My Hair. She was shocked and flattered.


A few highlights from the interview:

On Justin Bieber: SHE DOES NOT HAVE BIEBER FEVER. She said: “I love him like a brother.”

Who would she like to work with: “Lady Gaga and I would have loved to work with Tupac.”

On working with Jay Z: “He’s Uncle J and Beyonce is Auntie B.”

On being compared to Rihanna: She takes it as a compliment and admits “she actually called to wish me happy birthday on my birthday.”

On being a presenter for the upcoming American Music Awards: “I’m soooooooooo excited.”

On her hit song Whip My Hair – she had no idea it would be such a hit at all.

Will and Jada‘s daughter, who just turned ten on October 31, was full of charisma and star quality. You Go Girl!

Check out the cute audio exchange below:

Photos Credit: Stephanie Odberg