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Bitten and Bound had the fortunate opportunity recently to talk with rapper Miss Tress. Born in South Korea and raised in St. Paul, Minnesota, music and theater were a big part of her life from a very young age. She used writing and singing as a form of expression, a way to escape the stresses of reality.

In 2000 Miss Tress met a group of people who would push her into entertainment. She formed an all girl rap duo True High Class with ill e. gal in 2006. They released their debut full length album “Wings” in 2007, and won the Twin Cities Music Award for the ‘First Ladies of Hip Hop’ two years in a row.

Tress is currently working on a solo full length album due to release in the near future. Her sound has been dubbed ‘aggressive alternative hip hop’, mixed with some punk rock, rap and R&B.

The up-and-comer said: “It’s a never ending fight to be heard…I will be heard. MN will be heard.”

Let’s talk to Miss Tress…check out her Exclusive “10 Questions” below:

Missy: First off, You Rock! In the rap world there are only a handful of women forging their way to the top – what sets you apart from the rest?

Miss Tress: Thanks! Yes, it’s a never ending battle. I think what sets me apart from other female rappers is that I am always rooting for other female rappers. I am usually the first person who wants to collaborate with other females. I think it’s great, it’s something that the hip hop scene needs, is more female comradeship. Another huge thing that’s different about me is I don’t use a lot of sex appeal. I am all about self image – and I don’t kike to send younger women/girls the wrong message…I think I’m beautiful just the way I am, and I don’t need to dress and act a certain way to be accepted.

And, I don’t look like I sound. I have a really aggressive style when it comes to rapping. And, if that’s not enough – I can sing my ass off! Ha ha. I can do it all. I know how to stand my ground, and since it’s a man’s rap world right now, I sort of keep the ‘I can do anything better than you…’ type attitude.

Missy: Where do you draw your inspiration when it comes to writing your lyrics?

Miss Tress: It’s hard to pin-point exactly where I get my inspiration. I get inspiration from everywhere, everything, and mostly from what’s going on in my life at that moment in time. When I write, it’s sort of like my diary of life experiences, influences, and aspirations. I’m just inspired by life.

Missy: What are the top 5 most played songs on you iPod?

Miss Tress: Oh man, I’m so far behind, I don’t even own an iPod! Ha ha ha! I use my phone as a music player….and the top 5 songs…”Welcome to the Midwest” Tech N9ne, “Last Night” Keisha Cole ft. Diddy, “And We Danced” Dark Lotus, “Heartless” Kanye West, “Don’t Make Me” PLC.

Missy: Word in the rap world is that you are going to be releasing a song very soon. Do Tell?

Miss Tress: Yes, I just released my latest song, “MN Nice.” It has a lot of guitar, and high energy to the beat. It’s just a “Minnesota rules” type song…ha ha ha. The song is available for streaming on The song will also be featured on an upcoming mix-tape compilation with my new group, Team Bad Decision, when it releases in the near future.

Missy: I know that you are currently working on your website. Until it is completed, where can your fans find you?

Miss Tress: Facebook Fan Page, Facebook Friends Page, Myspace, Reverb Nation

Missy: Pick 3 artists that you would like to work with.

Miss Tress: I’d love to work with Timberland, 36 Mafia and Lil Kim.

Missy: What has been your biggest career achievement thus far?

Miss Tress: That has to be when I won the Twin Cities Hip Hop award for First Lady two years in a row. It’s nice to be recognized in your hometown.

Missy: Your favorite downtown Minneapolis hang out?

Miss Tress: I like to go to a lot of sporting events and concerts, so I don’t have a specific spot I hang out. I like the Twins Stadium picnic area, Epic, First Ave. Barfly, and Fine Line. And, Pizza Luce is where you’ll find me after bar close. Ha ha ha!

Missy: I gotta ask..what do you think of Eminem’s latest CD ‘Recovery’?

Miss Tress: In the scene I’m in, he gets a lot of hate…but I’m going to be honest, I really like the album. In that CD, one of his struggles is losing his best friend…and I think that’s what made me relate because I have lost six really close friends this year. Love him or hate him, I think he is a great lyricist, and this CD definitely is one of his best. It didn’t go double platinum for no reason…and in this day and age, that’s really hard to do…especially with iTunes, and the free downloading.

Missy: Please recommend another Minnesota celebrity we should feature in a future “10 Question” segment?

Miss Tress: I would recommend Mereness from PLC. He is a super talented musician, rapper, performer, and recording engineer. And, he’s easy on the eyes, LOL!