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The death of pro golfer Erica Blasberg, who was discovered unresponsive in her Nevada home in May, has been ruled a suicide. Authorities have issued an arrest warrant for her physician, Dr. Thomas Hess.

The Clark County Coroners Office revealed today that Erica was found with a plastic bag secured over her head and she had toxic levels of prescription drugs in her system. They included butalbital, temazepam, alprazolam, codeine, hydrocodone and tramadol.

Where does Dr. Hess come into play? Hess was the one who called 911 and has admitted that he altered the death scene by removing a suicide note and the prescription drugs that were in her home. He reportedly hid the items in his car and refused to cooperate with police during their investigation. Hess is a Las Vegas family practitioner – see booking photo below.

Hess told the 911 operator: “I called her yesterday. She was supposed to be leaving for a golf tournament but she didn’t. She picked up the phone and she sounded intoxicated at the time.” The operator asked if he was sure that she was dead and he replied: “I am. I am a doctor.”

Why was he in her home? He claims that he just wanted to make sure she was okay. According to early reports by the deceased woman’s father, Blasberg was all packed and ready to play golf in Alabama. Seemingly odd behavior for someone who was planning to take her own life.

According to police, they do not believe that foul play was involved, but they plan to charge Hess with obstruction of justice. We will update with details once the doctor is arrested.

Photos, video and Erica’s bio here.

Check out booking photo of Dr. Thomas Hess below and a video report:

Photo Credit: Getty Images/PicApp