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Sony Pictures announced Tuesday that Emma Stone has been cast as the female lead and Spider-Man’s love-interest in director Marc Webb’s Spider-Man reboot.

But the big revelation is her role won’t be that of Mary Jane Watson but instead Stone will play Peter’s Parker’s other girl – science student Gwen Stacy.

Stone will play opposite the new Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield, in the big screen franchise revamp.

In the official studio release Webb said, “The chemistry between Andrew and Emma was stunning and made Emma the clear choice. At the heart of the story of Peter Parker is not only the amazing Spider-Man, but also an ordinary teenager who is wondering what he has to do to get the girl. Andrew and Emma will bring everything audiences expect to these roles, but also make them their own,” he explained. “Much to my surprise, it was fun to find out that our choice for Gwen (Emma) is also a natural blonde.”

Spider-Man will reportedly begin production in December and will be released in theaters nationwide in 3-D on July 3, 2012.