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A grass roots effort by is urging people to sign an online petition to encourage Macy’s to sever ties with real estate mogul Donald Trump because of his personal attacks on President Barack Obama, NBC newscaster Brian Williams and for his ongoing penchant for slinging “sexist” comments.

The website petition statement reads: “Macy’s: Donald Trump does not reflect the “magic of Macy’s.” We urge you to sever ties with him. Macy’s says it has a strong obligation to be “socially responsible” and that “actions speak louder than words.” Indeed, it’s time to act.”

Thus far the petition has been signed by nearly 500,000 supporters who have opted to join the ‘Urge Macy’s To Dump Donald Trump’ campaign.

One decidedly vocal supporter is Cher, who fired off a Twitter rant to vent her displeasure:

With news of the petition gaining momentum, Trump hit Twitter but not to lash out. He simply tweeted, “My fragrance–“Success”– is flying off the shelves @Macys. The perfect Christmas gift!”

Monday he asked this Twitter question: “How come every time I show anger, disgust or impatience, enemies say I had a tantrum or meltdown–stupid or dishonest people?”

His spokesman Michael Cohen had this to say: “Mr. Trump is important to Macy’s, both as a brand and as an endorser. His ties, shirts, cufflinks, fragrances and other merchandise are top-selling items across the country. The country has been founded on the principles of freedom of speech — something Mr. Trump is entitled to as well as the creator of this petition.”

Macy’s released a new 60-second commercial featuring The Donald harassing Kris Kringle. Check it out below:

We’ve provided a petition link — should you want to add your name. If not, carry on and have a great day.

Photos: WENN, Twitter-Cher