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Hey it’s Sunday. That means that our very own Danni Starr is dishing about all of the latest celebrity gossip. Her straight up style is refreshingly frank and definitely spot-on!

This week Danni covers Lindsay Lohan‘s rehab altercation with a chem tech who tried to administer a Breathalyzer. We celebrate two engagement announcements: Hugh Hefner, 84, gave his twenty-something girlfriend Crystal Harris a ring, and Bret Michaels and his long time partner and baby mama Kristi Gibson are also planning to wed.

Ashton Kutcher‘s cashmere sweater is being auctioned off on eBay by his one-night stand Brittney Kaye Jones. The current bid is $20,200 — is Demi Moore the highest bidder?

Danni ends her weekly video with a special holiday treat … our favorite celebrities all dressed up like Santa:

So much gossip … so little time. Check out all of the hot links below:

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