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Didi Benami is lucky number 10 and she’s knows it. She was quick to make jokes about her situation and is fully aware of the fact that she almost missed the cut by that much (picture a finger and thumb within a breadth of each other). Jokes aside, she really is lucky! Being in the Top 10 guarantees her a spot in the upcoming American Idol Summer Tour.

Girl has a personality like no other. She was extremely bubbly and funny. I love a woman who can laugh at herself. She nearly had me ROFL through the entire interview.

Of all the people I spoke to, I think that Didi has the total package: personality, talent and PASSION. Didi used the death of her college roommate as inspiration to keep pushing during her time on Idol. She was eliminated on March 31, 2010.

With tour rehearsals beginning in a few days, Didi anticipates she won’t be getting a lot of sleep anytime soon.

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