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Sequels are tricky because they often fall short and with “Iron Man” being such a success, “Iron Man 2” had a lot to live up to! So did it? YEP! Iron Man 2″ was not as great as the first, but it was definitely a close second.

In the film, billionaire Tony Stark is determined to keep the technology that he created to himself. He must contend with deadly issues involving the government, his own friends, as well as new enemies – due to his superhero alter ego Iron Man.

What this means for movie goers is that you’re gonna get a whole lot of action. The movie is filled with fight scenes, jam packed with explosions, highly sophisticated technology and Iron Man’s self appointed sidekick.

Robert Downey Jr. is brilliant as Tony Stark. He’s cocky but you like him because he’s hilarious. Mickey Rourke, who clearly has made his Hollywood comeback, is one hell of a villain, and replacing Terrance Howard with Don Cheadle as Iron Man’s right hand man ‘Rhodey’ completely worked.

The film, which also stars Samuel L. Jackson, Gwyneth Paltrow and Scarlett Johansson, is clearly not lacking in star power. Even the late DJ AM makes a cameo. Judging from the whispers around me during his scenes, there were clearly mixed emotions about his presence in the film.

The movie is easy to follow but has enough surprise elements to maintain suspense. The end fight scene was a little short for my taste but the addition of a love connection got me over it.

“Iron Man 2” is filled with innuendos to spark interest in what’s next to come in the superhero saga. HINT: Make sure to stay past the credits.

“Iron Man 2” is, without a doubt, a must see!

I’m Danni and superheros rock!

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