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There were just seven remaining celebrity competitors Monday night on Dancing with the Stars. The couples either danced the Argentine tango or the sexy samba and then they all faced off in a swing marathon.

We know one thing for sure – with the elimination of Kate Gosselin last week, the show lost much of its appeal. It should be interesting to see if the huge ratings that the show has been enjoying this year will take a dip now that the drama queen has gone back to Wernersville, PA.

The most interesting aspect of this week’s show was the war of words between judge Len Goodman and the always feisty Maksim Chmerkovskiy. His celebrity partner, sportscaster Erin Andrews was attacked by the always surly middle judge and Maks had a pretty good comeback – check it out on the video below at 3:19 on the slider.

Niecy Nash also revealed a whole lot of cleavage this week, something that the producers of the show are adamantly against. They’ve gone so far as to ban a new Lane Bryant commercial ad featuring a full figured woman in lingerie because they found the plus-size model was showing too much skin – check out the video here.

Evan Lysacek was dropped on his head by partner Anna during a rehearsal and ended up in an emergency room where it was determined he had suffered a mild concussion. They wrapped his head in a large bandage to hold an ice pack in place and he was sent on his way. This is his second mishap of the season – he previously broke several toes.

The leaderboard scores after adding the extra points from the swing marathon are as follows: Nicole and Derek 36, Erin and Maks 34, Pamela and Damian 30, Evan and Anna 27, Niecy and Louie 26, Jake and Chelsie 25, and at the bottom are Chad and Cheryl with 24.

Evan really took a fall from grace with his samba. Cranky Len told the Olympic skater that it was his worst dance ever and the other judges tended to agree that he lost the battle with this particular dance.

Getting stronger by the week has been Pamela Anderson, who has consistently impressed the judges with her remarkable ability to totally get into the character of each dance.


Check out all of the photos from last night and the highlight videos below: