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Though there is no actual confirmation and both continue to claim they are single, all signs point to a definite love connection between Kim Kardashian’s baby brother and Rev Run’s daughter. Last month Angela Simmons and Robert Kardashian spent time together in Vegas celebrating Robert’s 23rd birthday.

Since then, they have pretty much been inseparable. Dinners, clubs, manicures, pedicures, they have been seen doing it all together. They can deny all they want, but we don’t know friends who spend this much time together. The alleged couple could be a match made in young Hollywood heaven.

They both are well connected, come from wealthy families and can deal with very public lives as realty TV stars. OMG this could be great for reality TV. Run’s House meets Keeping up With the Kardashians? We smell a spin off!

They seem to be having a great time together but Angela better be careful. Robert’s very public relationship with Cheetah Girl Adrienne Bailon ended abruptly after she caught him cheating.

Photos below: