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Psycho-thriller indie flick Clear Lake, WI has been viewed at film festivals across the country and is the winner of 9 awards including the Audience Choice Award at the Boston Film Festival and six awards at the Wild Rose Independent Film Festival.

The movie tells the story of a group of five childhood friends who return to their former hometown to revisit the horrors that happened 15 years ago. Featured is Michael Madsen of Reservoir Dogs, as the influential reverend who corrupts kids to do unspeakable things.

Other actors include Dustin Booth (The Monster of Phantom Lake), Paul BenVictor (In Plain Sight, Entourage, Push, Daredevil) and Audrey Wasilewski (Evan Almighty, Miss Congeniality 2).

The soundtrack Clear Lake was written and performed by LiL Joe CEO and Salvin Grey. The Midwestern premiere of the movie begins on October 9, 2009. Check local listings for times and locations.

View two excellent trailers below.