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In a move that is being described as a mutual decision, comedic actor Chevy Chase has walked away from his role as a millionaire on the NBC sitcom ‘Community’ effective immediately.

Things began to deteriorate for the veteran comic in March when he and the show creator Dan Harmon began a war of words that included a public dressing down of Chase in front of his family at the season three wrap party over an incident where the comic stormed off the set during filming of the season three finale.

Chevy, who claims he didn’t receive a script for the scene, retaliated with a profanity-laced voice message rant to Harmon that the creator shared on social media.

A major show shakeup on the community college-inspired show has Harmon out as showrunner during season four — which was to have premiered in October but has since been delayed until Feb 7, 2013.

Nearly all of season four has been shot and producers intend to use the footage, though it remains unclear how they will handle the sudden departure of the Pierce Hawthorne’s character.

Reports indicate that Chevy grew frustrated with the direction his character was taking. In October he threw a fit on set and immediately apologized for using the N-word.

His departure is being described this way: “He wasn’t fired and he didn’t quit. It was a mutual agreement.”

Photo: WENN