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There is speculation that Two and a Half Men Star Charlie Sheen is on a downward spiral. His manager Mark Burg heard so much chat about the actor being at death’s door that he paid a visit to his client over the weekend.

Burg went to Sheen’s home on Sunday, entering through a side door. What did he find? Charlie was eating a turkey sandwich and exclaimed, “Way to knock dude.”

When Mark told Charlie about all the coke and hooker reports, Sheen looked at Burg like he was crazy. His immediate plan was to hand out candy to the neighborhood Trick or Treaters. According to Burg, Sheen seemed normal.

Charlie will be on the set of Two and a Half Men on Tuesday, to begin filming an episode. He even hit up Burg for a copy of the new script.

With Lindsay Lohan in rehab, the Mel Gibson saga getting old, Brett Favre‘s sexting controversy calming down, and Tiger Woods divorce final, Charlie is the new trainwreck.

We hope he can get it together!

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