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Charlie Sheen and Rachel Oberlin in the actor’s first Twitpic

On Tuesday, Charlie Sheen joined Twitter and ex-wife Brooke Mueller filed a restraining order.

The tiger-blooded actor posted his first tweet, “Winning..! Choose your Vice…” alongside a pic of him with Rachel Oberlin (aka Bree Olsen).

In his second tweet, Sheen took the opportunity to take a pot shot at HLN show host Nancy Grace:

“Just got invited to do the Nancy Grace show…I’d rather go on a long road trip with Chuck Lorre in a ’75 Pacer…”

His third tweet says, “Winner..! 2012” along with a pic of him holding a plaque? Cake? I’m not exactly sure what it is, but it shows an Oscars statuette with his head on top, and has “Oscars 2011” written at the bottom.

Number four says, “The only watch that keeps Warlock time – Class of 1927 ring “Bambino U” with a pic of Charlie’s hand sporting a Patek watch and his 1927 Babe Ruth World Series ring.

The fifth, and final tweet, as of this writing, says, “My sons’ are fine…My path is now clear…Defeat is not an option..!” (Note: the apostrophe after “sons” is not mine, it’s the Warlock’s.)

Meanwhile back on planet Earth, Brooke Mueller was busy filing a restraining order against the rock star from Mars, saying he threatened her repeatedly. The paperwork details “specific, descriptive threats,” according to Brooke’s attorney.

A Los Angeles Superior Court judge agreed to the temporary restraining order, which prevents Sheen from coming within 100 yards of Mueller.

Last week, Mueller had planned on moving back in with Sheen and his “goddesses” temporarily before moving into a house close by so the actor could be near his kids.

I can’t keep up with all the antics of these people under the influence of this powerful drug called Charlie Sheen.

See Charlie Sheen’s Twitter pictures below: