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Charlie Sheen was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles at 7:00 a.m. Thursday morning, January 27, 2011, following a night of partying. As he was being taken out on a stretcher, two young women also exited the residence. His medical emergency is reportedly “serious.”

One of Sheen’s party partners was reportedly 22-year-old porn star Kacey Jordan – pics below. She showed up at Charlie’s place on Tuesday night, the fifth woman to arrive on the scene. According to her ‘tweets’, she didn’t leave until midday on Wednesday — while the party was still very much in full swing.

Her Twitter page gives an interesting commentary without naming any names but does mention a major nonstop binge and provides a little ‘kiss-and-tell’: “My life has changed… Speechless. I’m getting a baby blue convertible Bentley next month so i dunno… HUSH.” Her latest ‘tweet’: “My phones are ringing off the hook! Ugh!”

A 911 call was placed from Charlie’s Hollywood Hills home at 6:35 a.m. Thursday because the actor was experiencing severe abdominal pain. According to Sheen’s publicist Stan Rosenfield, his parents Martin Sheen and Janet Templeton joined their son in the emergency room — as did ex-wife Denise Richards.

TMZ talked to several neighbors who report that there was loud music and singing going on at Charlie’s house last night. The noise went on well into the early hours of this morning.

The Two and a Half Men celeb raised eyebrows earlier this month when he spent a wild weekend of partying with several porn stars in Vegas. He jetted back to L.A. with minutes to spare before shooting was to begin on the set.

The show is currently on a one-week hiatus. Check out what CBS President Nina Tassler had to say about the network’s fair-haired star.

Kacey Jordan pics below: