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Charlie Sheen has shaved his head following reports that he has been cheating on wife Brooke Mueller with paid escort and lingerie model Angelina Tracy.

According to sources, Sheen was seen Wednesday sporting a bald head, after rumors began circulating that he had been doing cocaine with Tracy, fueling speculation that he is trying to avoid a drug test on his hair, à la Britney Spears. Sheen is prohibited by the terms of his Colorado parole from consuming alcohol and drugs, following his arrest for domestic violence.

Sheen was recently spotted sneaking into Angelina’s Studio City home wearing a fake mustache, hooded sweatshirt and dark sunglasses. Although a rep for the actor said he was “counseling” the prostitute, sources say he took her to the home he shares with Mueller while she was away, and also to a neighbor’s guesthouse.

“Charlie has been seeing her for weeks,” said the source.