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Most likely the hatred between Dina Lohan and her ex-husband Michael Lohan won’t end any time soon. Last week Papa Lohan revealed that he has signed on to work with Dr Drew on Celebrity Rehab 5. Dina is PISSED!

Michael isn’t being treated for addiction issues … he has joined the reality show to get help for his anger management issues. Although Dina agrees that he needs help, she is not happy about the public platform he has chosen.

In a statement to Radar Online, Dina said: “We have tried to be as private as possible during this difficult time, and now he plans to exploit our family even more, it is unforgivable.”

The VH1 show started filming last week and Michael will be in treatment for another 21 days. Dina added: “After a long overdue need for rehab, the family is relieved that Michael is finally getting help. Once again, we’re all very disappointed by his constant yearn for attention.”

The other cast mates include Amy Fisher, Jeremy Jackson, Bai Ling and Michaele Salahi.

As far as daughter Lindsay Lohan‘s felony grand theft issues, she is due back in court on Thursday. Reports indicate she will refuse to accept a plea deal that includes jail. Against the advice of her lawyer, she is planning to take her chances with a trial.