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We didn’t have to look far to discover some fashion disasters this week. The celebrities must have given their stylists the week off because their wardrobe choices were anything but glam.

Mary-Kate Olsen attended a premiere of The Wackness at the New York City Cinema Society screening. She looks like she forgot to get dressed and stepped out in her dressing gown and slippers. Her role in the film, according to what she told David Letterman this week, is a make out scene.

Rihanna attended the BET Awards earlier this week and looks like she’s stepped right out of Gone with the Wind. Oprah was photographed in London wearing a gypsy getup to Nelson Mandela‘s birthday dinner.

Charlise Theron was in Moscow for the Hancock premiere. Her dress and boa is probably all the rage in Russia but it not so much anywhere else. Paris Hilton is starting to get scary skinny and looks bizarre in her floral mu mu, running errands at Sunset Plaza in LA yesterday.

Jaclyn Smith and Lily Allen are also among the fashion disaster photos below.

Photos: WENN