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First to go …

Former teen idol David Cassidy was the first to get the boot on Celebrity Apprentice 4. The show premiered last night on NBC — the eleventh installment of the reality series – cast photos here.

Cassidy bragged up his Gossip Girl daughter, Katie Cassidy, who donated $1,000 to the pizza fundraiser–the first task assigned by Donald Trump for teams ASAP and Backbone.

Not long after the Celebrity Apprentice 4 premiere show was taped, Cassidy was arrested for DUI in Florida.

Leading the men was Survivor winner Richard Hatch, who treated the Patridge Family icon poorly. He pushed the singer around, literally, and dismissing all of his ideas. Actually there wasn’t anyone on the men’s team who was smitten with Hatch. The most irritated by the egomaniac was former MLB player Joe Canseco.

The ladies, led by Star Jones, raised $170,000 for the American Heart Association, and model Niki Taylor individually brought in $35,000 for the American Red Cross because chef Curtis Stone judged her pizza the best tasting.

Team ASAP had more business than they could handle. Star tried to remove Dionne Warwick from her post at the cash register because the veteran singer was operating at a snails pace and causing a huge bottleneck.

Jones finally put the closed sign on their pizza shop so they could concentrate on several large orders that Rinna and Matlin had to deliver. The two women got stuck in Manhattan traffic and failed to deliver nine pies to a NYC Firehouse – missing out on an additional $35,000.

The pizza delivery debacle caused friction between Jones and Lisa Rinna. According to the previews for next week, Rinna will be leading the next task and NeNe Leakes suggested that if ASAP loses, it would be an easy way to get rid of Lisa early-on.

Marlee Matlin, who is profoundly deaf, didn’t seem to have any problem with the task at hand. She was accompanied at all times by a sign language translator who stood next to Trump in the boardroom in order to sign his verbal exchanges for Matlin.

The most colorful characters on the set appear to be crazy Gary Busey and rough-around-the-edges rocker Meatloaf.

More photos and video recap below:

Photos: L.Gallo-WENN