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Johnson & Johnson heiress Casey Johnson died from diabetic ketoacidosis on January 4, 2010. Her former landlord has filed a creditor’s claim against her estate.

On July 7, 2010 Jose Nazar filed suit against Johnson’s estate in the amount of $234,228 for damage to the rental home and missed rent payments.

According to court documents, Johnson began renting the luxurious home in 2008 for $16,000 per month but allegedly breached the lease with unpaid rent totalling $94,933.24 – not including the late charged incurred.

The documents list the damage to the home as extensive, requiring over $100,000 in repairs:

1. Pool, spa and Equipment Restoration and Maintenance – $10,045

2. Garden Restoration and Maintenance – $22,635.59

3. Broken Birdbath Replacement – $350

4. Painting, Restoration of Walls, Cabinets and Woodwork – $9,776

5. Interior Flooring Restoration – $9,693

6. Door Repairs – $1,720

7. Electrical Repair and Restoration – $7,876

8. Repairs to Alarm – $305

9. Alarm Monthly Maintenance – $360

10. General Repairs (Payments to M Pineda, etc) – $4,051.16

11. Cleaning for which Decedent was Responsible upon vacating – $1,059.50

12. Estimated Design Restoration Supervision Costs caused by damage to property – $10,276.14

Total Damage to Property/Cost of Tenant Failure of Maintenance and Repair — $102,760

Nazar alleges in court papers that he lent the troubled heiress$12,050 to “assist her in moving,” for which he says was also never reimbursed.

Nazar is seeking $234,228 from Johnson’s estate to cover unpaid rent, damages to the property, money loaned and legal fees.