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Porn star Capri Anderson plans to bring legal action against Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen after the crazy hotel incident last week.

Capri was with a nude Sheen in a bathroom at Daniel restaurant and then again at his hotel room at the Plaza Hotel. In both instances he requested sex and each time she demanded to be paid her standard fee of $12,000.

Cocaine fueled Sheen frantically tried to find his wallet to plunk down her fee, not aware that his manager had confiscated it when he helped the totally wasted actor back into his pants and led him out of Daniel’s back exit earlier in the evening.

Naked Sheen went crazy at that point, accusing Capri of stealing his cash wad. The naked woman cowered in a bathroom until police arrived – reportedly afraid for her life.

Photos of Capri and Denise Richards at the restaurant.

Anderson was interviewed by NYPD police and never mentioned specific threats. After giving it some thought, she has apparently had a change of heart and is seeking legal counsel.

Photo Credit: PicApp