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Campbell Brown, 41-year-old news reporter and anchor for CNN, has reportedly jumped a sinking ship. The former NBC Weekend Today co-host announced on May 18, 2010, that she would be leaving the network due to poor ratings.

She said, “I’m pretty sure the last time any anchor could honestly ignore ratings was well before I was born. Of course I pay attention to ratings. And simply put, the ratings for my program are not where I would like them to be. It is largely for this reason that I am stepping down as anchor of CNN’s Campbell Brown.”

Her show regularly finished in fourth place in the time slot behind Bill O’Reilly on Fox News, Nancy Grace on HLN, and Keith Olbermann on MSNBC.

Brown joined CNN a little more than two years ago, filling the spot vacated by Paula Zahn. The show, initially named Campbell Brown: No Bias, No Bull, was later shortened to simply Campbell Brown.

The newswoman is married to Daniel Senor. They have two young sons, Eli and Asher.

During her coverage of the Haiti earthquake, Brown broke down to the point of being rendered speechless on camera, while covering a story about a little girl who died before she could get medical care. Her emotional response comes near the end of the video below:

Photo: PicApp