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Disney has been charting a very specific course for 15 year old Demi Lovato. On June 20th at 8 p.m. EDT the Disney Channel original movie Camp Rock will debut, just one more step in the career building strategy for the young teen. Disney is clearly banking on hitting another home run with Camp Rock and has pulled out all of the stops in hyping the movie, which features the hot pop group the Jonas Brothers. Camp Rock may well be the next High School Musical.

In the film, Lovato plays Mitchie Torres, a musical prodigy who can’t afford to attend a prestigious music camp filled with snooty rich kids until her mother gets her a break on the tuition by landing them both jobs in the kitchen. Like all movies of this type, it ends with a large musical show where Demi Lovato gets to rock the house.

Through an open casting call, Lovato was hand plucked because of her good looks, lively personality and a resume of talent in multiple areas. The Disney machine introduced the bubbly brunette to viewers through a role in the Disney Channel’s As the Bell Rings. But that is only step one for the teen.

After Camp Rock, Demi will hit the road for a concert tour with the Jonas Brothers band. That will be followed by another Disney Channel movie, Princess Protection Program. Lovato can’t be well rounded without a record contract but no worries. Disney has seen to that as well. They have signed her with Hollywood Records, a Disney label. Her debut album is slated for this fall.

Disney and Nickelodeon look for attractive, confident, charismatic, multi-talented young people who can be molded by the proven ’success formula’. Can they sing, dance, play an instrument? It isn’t enough to be single faceted. Disney wants their next star to be clicking on all cylinders.

It will start with television, evolve to movies and then on to records and concert tours, book deals and merchandise. What does the young Demi Lovato have to say about Disney’s plan for her? Lovato said, “I just have to keep working and have fun. Having fun is the most important part.”

Check out more photos below and the movie trailer.

Check out movie trailer below.