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If you’ve ever cheated before and you actually want to share your story, you could be featured in Jenny McCarthy’s upcoming project – a book that explores love and lust. The sexy actress/comedienne/model took to her Twitter page to ask her followers for their personal experiences and stories.

Asking questions like, what makes a woman stay after your man cheats, what things do you lust over, how many girls have fantasized about being with another girl, and what do you fantasize about when you are having sex — McCarthy got very personal with her 105,884 Twitter followers.

She was instantly inundated with responses. For those who responded, Jenny asked if she could feature them in her book, identifying them only by their Twitter name. The funny girl describes her latest project as “a look inside sex and love and how we manipulate to get both.”

Wouldn’t we all like to know the reasons why people stray — such an interesting concept and very cool of her to use her fan base to help her with the project. This will be McCarthy’s seventh book.

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