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This seems to be taking on a Tiger Woods kind of vibe. Last week Michelle “Bombshell” McGee came forward and revealed that she had been having an 11-month affair with Jesse James, husband of actress Sandra Bullock.

A second mistress, Melissa Smith came forward yesterday, and this morning TMZ is reporting a third, Brigitte Daguerre.

Here is what we know about Brigitte; back in 2008 Jesse hired the photographer from L.A. to do some styling work on a photo shoot for West Coast Choppers.

Daguerre claims that after the assignment was completed, she and Jesse exchanged text messages for a year, and she has 195 of them saved. She also claims they had four sexual encounters.

James’ rep has not been available for comment. In the meantime, the story continues to take on a life of its own. Wisely, Sandra remains in hiding.

More photos below:

Check out the full photo gallery of Brigitte over at TMZ.