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Standing 6’4 and weighing 265 pounds, Brett Rogers is a force to be reckoned with. On Saturday May 15th, he will battle Alistair Overeem for the Strikeforce Heavyweight Championship. Although he has been training 6-8 hours a day, the fighter took time out of his busy schedule to speak to me about his conquest. SEE FULL FIGHT BELOW.

Brett expressed that he’s been training all over the world with amazing coaches and trainers, and that it was important for him to train out-of-state because “as a married man with 3 kids, there’s all kinds of distractions.” For this fight, “The Grim” knows he needs to focus on the ultimate goal of winning.

“Wake up, work out and whoop ass” is how Brett describes his life and training for the upcoming title fight. He said it with a smile on his face and it is obvious he enjoys what he does.

Brett warns that we need to pay close attention to the fight, which will air on Showtime, because “it’s gonna be quick” and he plans on getting “straight to the point.” He has an amazing coach Mike Reilly, a whole team of people cheering him on at Ambition MMA training facility, and his lovely wife Tee.

Tee admits that when her man is in the ring, she’s a nervous wreck. “I want him to hit Overeem hard and knock him down and have it be over so I can run into the ring and give him a hug and a kiss.” Tee knows that both Brett and his opponent have worked very hard, but to her Brett is more than deserving.

When I was training for the Miss Minnesota USA pageant, we worked side by side at the same gym. He is intimidatingly big but he’s one of the nicest people ever, charismatic and an extremely hard worker who has a big following in the area. People flocked to the gym to wish Brett good luck before he headed to St. Louis for his big fight.

His record is 10-1, his only career loss was the bout against Fedor Emelianenko in November 2009. Coach Mike Reilly predicts a win “by way of devastating knock out.”

More photos and see FULL FIGHT video below:

Photos: Ambition Facebook