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Cincinnati Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips did some trash talking about the St. Louis Cardinals and it ended with a brawl during the Cards-Reds game Tuesday night in Cincinnati.

So what did Phillips say prior to the game that got Cards catcher Yadier Molina all twirled up in the opening inning last night? He used a few colorful expletives to get across a central theme: “I hate the Cardinals.”

It was a ‘hot button moment’ for Molina when Phillips tried to make nice by giving the catcher a little love tap with the bat as he stepped into the batter’s box last night.

Molina went ballistic and touched off a bench-clearing brawl that ended with the ejection of managers Tony La Russa and Dusty Baker. The catcher had this to say after the maylay: “He talked bad about my team, he talked bad about me. Don’t talk bad and come up and say ‘hi’ to me. That’s stupid.”

The Cardinals had the final say with an 8-4 victory, putting them ahead of the Reds in the National League Central Division.

Check out the brawl video below: