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After warmly greeting each other and exchanging kisses at Camden pub The Hawley Arms, Amy Winehouse and newly relocated Mischa Barton reportedly got into a catfight once inside.

Barton recently moved from Los Angeles to London to be with boyfriend DJ Ali Love. She bumped into Winehouse at the singer’s favorite pub, and an alleged brawl ensued when Barton, who has reportedly given up her party girl lifestyle which landed her in a psychiatric ward last year, tried to wrangle a drink from Winehouse, telling her she’d had enough for the night.

“Mischa didn’t have anything to drink at all, she ordered a tonic with lemon and said that it feels like she’s having a drink,” an eyewitness told the UK Sun.

“Amy was in with some friends, and she got on the vodka, then the Sambuca shots.”

“Everyone had moved to the private room upstairs and Amy was starting to get a bit maudlin, she’d been fine and jolly earlier but as usually, that soon changed.”

“Mischa looked concerned and said that she’d had enough for the night. She wasn’t being a killjoy. Amy looked upset.

“Obviously she was drunk and didn’t take it well, she yelled at Mischa that it was none of her business and her mate told her to leave it.”

Amy continued her night out, heading to Balans restaurant and bar in central London at 3am, where she ordered champagne and cocktails, before “dancing and singing her way to nearby Chinatown.”

This morning she was snapped returning home at 11:30am, looking worse for the wear.