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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Adrienne Maloof has been awarded temporary custody of her three sons after allegations that estranged husband Paul Nassif choked one of the boys.

Court documents filed by Maloof’s lawyer allege that Nassif picked the boys up from school last Thursday and when two of them began kicking each other, he reached around and and choked one of them around the Adam’s apple.

Adrienne also claims that later that day, the three boys were taking a bath and began fighting when one of them peed in the tub. The reality star alleges Nassif then “grabbed one of the boys, spanked him hard on the bare bottom and then threw him in the corner.”

The couple’s chef also claims he saw Nassif kick the family dog when it peed on the floor. And a DEA agent who is friends with the couple filed another declaration claiming he witnessed Paul “putting his hands around the neck of one of the children.”

Nassif was not aware of the filing and was not in court for the hearing. He denies all of the allegations. His attorney told TMZ, “This smacks of underhandedness,” saying Adrienne wasn’t even present when the alleged incidents occurred, and calling the move “gamesmanship at its worst.”

Maloof is seeking primary custody of 9-year-old Gavin and 6-year-old twins Christian and Collin. Nassif, who filed for divorce in August has requested joint custody.

photo: DJDM/WENN