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Back in January two Auburn University students got the bright idea that somehow they would really like to get a hug from Taylor Swift. So Michael Wekall and Ryan Leander created the website They began by posting videos expressing how much they wanted to hug T-Swift.

Eventually the website got so much attention that the singer herself actually stumbled across it. In the spirit of fun, Taylor proposed three different challenges for the boys; do things that would help humanity like help an old lady across the street, use the singer’s number 13 while doing good deeds, and organize a Taylor Swift karaoke sing-a-long at their college.

The boys met and exceeded all three challenges and T-Swizzle was so blown away by their efforts that during the middle of the karaoke session she made an appearance sporting a t-shirt with “A Hug for Ryan and Michael” across the front.

The country girl took to her Twitter page to express her excitement: “So we might have flown to Alabama for a surprise show today… One of those unforgettable days. Thank you Auburn!”

Check out the videos below: