James Maslow and Peeta Murgatroyd Dating History!

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Who tuned into Dancing With the Stars this past Monday?

Well, I did and was surprised to learn that dancing pro, Peeta Murgatroyd apparently DATED her partner, James Maslow from Big Time Rush.

The way that the DWTS package layed out the details was that the two had dated and then James left for a tour and never contacted Peeta again...

BUT according to James' blog for Parade this week, "As for our relationship outside of the ballroom, we expected the producers to mention it in the video to a point, but we hadn’t seen what they put together until right before we were prepping to do our dance...They definitely exaggerated at parts to make it sound like we’ve got this great big dating history that we’re hiding, but we don’t.”

That wasn't the way Peeta made it seem!

He went on to say, "I’m psyched that I got her. We obviously get along and like each other as friends and as people, so we don’t have to fake that chemistry on the floor, which would just add another element of stress. It’s genuinely there, and I like that".

Well, here's hoping the two can work it out! They would make a super cute couple!