Bono Sings at Nebraska Wedding of Warren Buffet's Granddaughter

bono the wedding singer

Bono performed the role of wedding singer in Omaha, Nebraska over the weekend as billionaire Warren Buffet and his family looked on.

The entertainer and philanthropist serenaded Emily Greenberg and Thomas Threlkeld, and their 285 guests, including the bride's grandfather, who happens to be one of the richest men on the planet with a net worth estimated by Forbe to be $60 billion.

Dublin native and U2 frontman Paul David Hewson aka Bono, 53, is no one trick pony.  When he's not performing with the band, he's a successful venture capitalist, businessman and activist with a net worth estimated to be $600 million -- proof that he'll not be hitting the wedding singer circuit on a regular basis.

Bono and the Buffett family travel in the same circles and work on similar philanthropic causes, with Warren's daughter Susie serving on the board of the DATA charity, co-founded by Hewson in 2002.

Check out the video performance of Bono singing a rendition of Ben E. King's 'Stand by Me,' and let us know if you think he passes muster:

Photo:  Video Screen Grab