Alexis DeJoria Claims Marriage to Jesse James is Perfect

alexis dejoria

Professional drag racer Alexis DeJoria gushes about her husband of five months, Jessie James, in an Us Weekly interview.

Alexis admits it was love at first sight, "We actually met in Dallas. I was racing at the time, and Jesse had been friends with my dad (Paul Mitchell billionaire) John Paul DeJoria for a while. So he came up to see my dad and the guys that I race with, and that was it. It was the first time we met, and we just hit it off. He has never missed a race since."

She continued, "I can't even tell you -- we have so much in common. We just click. I've never had that in a man before. I've never experienced that with anyone before him, so I knew it right away. He was definitely the one. It has been amazing."

The couple wed on March 24 in Malibu, "I think I wanted to marry him the first day. It's just like marrying your best friend. It's perfect."

Alexis has a 10-year-old daughter and Jesse has three children. "Our daughters Bella and Sunny are the same age, and they just click. They are like two peas in a pod. It's the cutest thing ever. Bella has always wanted a it just worked out perfectly."

Jesse fully supports her career, "He really understands it, can hold his own. He wants to get in there and get his hands dirty and work.  He's in there cleaning parts, welding on the car.  He's very, very active in my profession, and it's awesome."

In her second year as a pro, she admits, "My ultimate goal would be to win a championship and someday maybe own my own team. Anything could happen, but I plan on being in this sport for quite a long time."

James is three-times divorced.  His most famous union was with Academy Award-winning actress Sandra Bullock.  Their marriage crashed and burned when a number of his mistresses came forward.  His subsequent engagement to ink artist Kat Von D ended for the same reason.

Photo Credit: Alexis DeJoria Twitter