Kanye West Taunts Paparazzi on Twitter

kanye issues a twitter taunt

Kanye West hit Twitter to continue his hate fest on the paparazzi with a boastful taunt that will surely cause his 10 million followers to scrutinize his decidedly inflammatory rap lyrics.

The morning after getting into a physical altercation with a photographer at Bradley International Terminal at LAX, West tweeted:

kanye taunt

We took the liberty of checking out Verse 2 of 'New Slaves' and we'll share some of the more noteworthy passages for your viewing pleasure.  The majority of the lyrics are f-bomb and n-word laced - complete version here.

"I wear my heart on the sleeve, they throwin' hate at me.  I'm about to wild the f* out.  F* it, c'est la vie.  I'll move my family out the country so you can't see where I stay.  So go and grab the reporters so I can smash their recorders.  Y'all 'bout to turn s* up, I'm 'bout to tear s* down.  I'm 'bout to air s* out.  Now what the f* they goin' say now?"

Earth to Kanye ... things are likely about to get worse before they get better.

A police report taken by the Los Angeles Police Department on Friday relied on witness statements and video evidence that captured Kanye going ballistic on a photographer as he attempted to make off with the guy's camera.  The victim required medical treatment for a hip injury.

The information will be turned over to the Los Angeles District Attorney to determine whether the crime warrants a charge of felony attempted robbery.

Photo:  WENN, Insert-Twitter