Kanye West Faces Felony Attempted Robbery Charge

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Kanye West had another run in with the paparazzi and this time things escalated to the point where he could be facing a felony attempted robbery charge and battery.

It went down Friday afternoon as Kanye was leaving Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX airport with his bodyguards when a photographer had the audacity to ask him a few questions.

Clearly this member of the paparazzi didn't see last week's video of West going ape as he chanted, "Don't talk to me.  Don't talk to me.  Don't talk to me!"

Kanye was just about to get into a waiting vehicle Friday when he changed his mind and walked back to confront the photographer who kept firing away with a barrage of questions.

The rapper spat out, "I've told you not to talk to me.  You're just trying to get me into trouble so I will flip out at you and have to pay you like $250,000."

As the Pap backed up and said, "No, no, no,"  video confirms that Kanye grabbing his shoulders and punched him while trying to jack his camera.

Paramedics, responding to the 911 call for help, treated the downed man on the sidewalk at LAX and transported him to an area hospital for treatment of a bruised hip.

TMZ is reporting that the victim wants to press charges against the entertainer.  Police have interviewed the victim and they have determined that he suffered injuries during the attack.

Numerous witnesses were interviewed at the scene by an LAPD detective, who will likely refer the case to the D.A. as a felony attempted robbery and battery charge - with damning video and photographs to support what went down. Our advice to Kanye -- lawyer up, pal.

Kris Jenner was questioned on 'The View' earlier in the week about Kanye's bizarre insistence that he not be spoken to by anyone who doesn't know him.  Jenner said she thinks he was sleep deprived from the baby.

Check out the videos below.  The middle one covers yesterday's debacle:

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