George Clooney Pursued Eva Longoria

eva longoria brushed off george clooney advances

Wait, what?  Actor George Clooney reportedly pursued actress Eva Longoria before he broke up with Stacy Keibler.

If the rumors prove to be true - we really aren't shocked.  After all, George is a playboy and we all knew his relationship with Stacy, like all of those before her, had a time stamp.

Us Weekly claims exclusively that George tried to win over the affections of the 'Desperate Housewives' star while he was still with his beautiful blonde partner.

Eva and George have been friends for years and were both working on projects in Germany in March 2013.  They hung out together at the Soho House in Berlin - photo here.

Clooney allegedly told Longoria that he was still with Keibler but was planning to end the relationship and wanted to be with her.  Eva resisted the advances but the actor continued to text and call her, despite the fact that she made it clear she didn't date guys with girlfriends.

While George languished with Keibler, Eva found romance with Ernesto Arguello, a man she met when she was executive producing the NBC reality show 'Ready for Love.'

A source close to the actress said that she and Clooney never hooked up romantically and she is over-the-moon happy with Ernesto.

Earlier this month George ended his two year relationship with Keibler, after it became clear to both of them that the relationship had fallen flat.   Perhaps Stacy learned about George's pursuit of the lovely Eva?

At any rate, the former WWE star has moved on without so much as a backward glance and remains busy with her latest television gig, 'Supermarket Superstar.'  She will host the Lifetime series that premieres on Monday, July 22.

We're guessing it won't take the Hollywood A-lister long to find some new arm candy.

Photo Credit: WENN